Sliverthorn excels at the 2018 Tim Atkin Report
2018 Tim Atkin Awards
14th September 2018
Dem Traum gefolgt
7th February 2019

Party Sparkler

2011 Silverthorn The Green Man

Abundant green apple-freshness, bicuity undertones and a balanced, lingering finish.

Though the history of South African sparkling wine dates to the late 1960’s, Cap Classique came about as a classification in 1992. For this designation, the sparklers must be produced in the champenoise method – at least one year in bottle with the residual yeast, or lees. This imparts a well-rounded complexity to the livelier, riper and more fruit-forward characteristics for which this part of the world is known. Hard to find, but worth it.

Virgin Australia Voyeur, Jan 2019

Virgin Australia Party Sparklers

The Green Man featured in Virgin Australia Voyeur magazine